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Saturday, May 07, 2005
Well, that's not very ladylike
Is there anything more embarassing than having someone buy you a nice dinner and then throwing it up six hours later? It just seems rude, somehow, but at least it was after he was sleeping and I managed to book it to the bathroom in time. Still, I mean, ugh. That stuff should have been more digested after six hours.

It passed quickly enough, though, and I found myself wide awake in someone else's home and not feeling frisky at all. I spent some time cleaning up the bathroom, first; by the time I was done there was no sign I'd been gross in there. That still left me uncomfortably awake, though. I didn't exactly still feel bad afterward, but figured it would be better not to crawl back into bed with Chet, just in case I wasn't so quick to the bathroom next time. I went back into the bedroom just long enough to grab a nightshirt out of Chet's bottom drawer, and settled in on the couch for some late night Sci-Fi channel reruns.

Which is where Chet's roommate found me the next morning; I must not have been as wide-awake as I thought. He seemed like a nice guy, made a note when I told him what Chinese place we'd been to last night and how it had come back to haunt me, and gave me a blanket to wrap around myself. I feel really bad about not remembering his name. He also walked me to the T stop after I got dressed and said he'd explain to Chet.

So, I stayed in through most of this rainy day, draining the Replay of its stored entertainment and hoping that last night was just bad seafood. I'm really pathetic when I'm feeling under the weather, like the guy side of the infamous "moms suck it up, men become little babies" sitcom cliché. I'm not proud, but there it is. I think it's also because I'm still afraid that illness means more than physical discomfort, but that something has gone wrong. Like, hey Marti, didn't you know you were allergic to that? It's still not out of the realm of possibility; I'm very hesitant to try new things because of it. Or, hey Marti, don't you know that condoms and the pill aren't enough to be really sure?

I'm pretty sure that's not the problem, at least - I just had my period last week, and if you can get morning sickness an hour and a half after conception, that's news to me. Still, I'll pick up a pregnancy test at the drugstore tomorrow when I get the Sunday paper.

Now I think I'll hit the sack early. I'm just worn out.

Well, thank you for realizing that most of us morbidly curious folk are thinking that you're pregnant, and pre-empting our questions.

It was probably just some bad food... undercooked or something.

... but, what would you do if you were??? HMMMMM.
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