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Thursday, May 12, 2005
Two walk-off home runs in two days
And I was at the game for the one on Tuesday night! Woot! Makes up for having to GameCast the Wednesday afternoon one, right?

I have to admit, I was more than a little surprised when Kurt called me at work Tuesday, saying he had an extra ticket. I didn't think he had my work number, but he said he got it from Wei. I'm one of the only single friends he has left, and since Denise couldn't make it and he only had the two tickets, I got the call.

We had a hard time meeting up, finally doing so about ten minutes before game time, leading to Kurt being the thousandth person to tell me I need to get a cell phone. Like I can afford paying two phone bills, and Maureen complains about the reception in the apartment all the time. It also gave me very little chance to give him the chance to send me home because the whole situation was weird. But, he said that if I could handle it, then he could.

Not that I was terribly sure I could handle it. Kurt's part of my Martin-memories all the way back to college, and a well-intentioned (but really, really stupid) twenty minutes having sex with him at Wei's reception basically ended things with Doug. We haven't seen each other in three months, and then there were other people to keep it from just being him and me.

But it was okay; he really does seem to be committed to Denise, only saying I was looking good to be polite. Well, I am looking good, but he wasn't all "you're looking good and I want some of it". Guy's content, it seems. The only reason I got the tickets instead of Denise is that she's still living in Springfield, and the trip out to Boston is a tough one on short notice, especially right now - she teaches English at a junior high school, and had tests to grade tonight, along with conferences and stuff. She was only able to come to that birthday party because it was school vacation week.

I have to admit, I'm kind of proud of him. I'm tempting. I feel kind of arrogant saying that, and I don't know how much I can get away with the "hey, I know how guys look at me and how they think" attitude, but, really, I do. Kurt can only see his girlfriend on the weekends, and here I am, an attractive ex who has crossed lines with him before, and he doesn't go there. Doesn't go in that area.

We spend a lot of the game talking about where our relationships are. His thing with Denise is delicate; they've broken up before, the first time they were together was poisoned in large part because she found out about me and then he resented that she pressured him into breaking up with me. The upshot is that she's extremely hesitent to uproot herself and move to Boston to be with him, but they both know that that's pretty much what has to come next. She's going to try spending the summer up here, and if that doesn't blow up in their faces, she'll see if it's possible to find a job here starting next January.

I'm like, wow, I'm nowhere near making contingency plans for next year. Chet and I are still having fun, going to stuff together and spending the night but not yet actually requiring anything of each other, or really asking the other to go out of their way. Kurt asks me if I want it to get that far and I say maybe. I'm not ready to be tied down yet - I feel like I'd be missing experiences and opportunities - but counting my first life, I feel like I should be settling down by now. It's a dilemna.

Anyway, you can check the game logs and see that the game was somthing of a nail-biter - Arroyo pitched another great game, but some awful defense hurt him, and Kevin Millar got his second homer of the year off Octavial Dotel. We hit the sourvenir shop where he got Denise a Varitek tee-shirt, and I made him blush with my response to whether he should get her a medium or a large. But, hey, her laundry mingles with his far more than it does with mine, and worst-case scenario on the medium is that it's tight around the boobs. Hey, I said, girls think that when they're buying stuff. I know, they tell me things now.

Of course, he also walked me to the subway rather than letting me walk home along the river at ten o'clock. It's kind of silly, I'm not that much weaker than Martin was, and nobody would have blinked if I'd walked the same distance at the same time, but whatever. It's sweet of him to do so.

Then I stayed up until like one watching the finales of The Amazing Race and Veronica Mars, and as a result I'm still dragging two days later. But, it was that or avoid the internet until I had watched them, and I'm just not capable of that.

Ah, call me human - morbid fascination for the complications and pitfalls of life.

I'd love to say that I'm happy with your not being pregnant - but part of me would have loved to here you tell a tale about that.

Anyhow, I'm just glad that your life still holds some unique challenges and complications. That certainly makes this blog much more interesting to read.

HEAR you tell your tale.

geez... I really need a spell-checker for my fingers.
What were you saying about your biological clock?
It's not biological, it's peer pressure. :) All my friends are settling down, so I'm sort of thinking, hey, shouldn't I be doing that too? Haven't I reached the end of new experiences as a single person? If I were still Martin, I know that would loom somewhat large; most guys don't get to experience brand-new biology fifteen years after puberty.
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