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Monday, May 09, 2005
So, not pregnant
Not that I expected a positive test result, but my reproductive system is still something of a scary thing that I expect to surprise me. Just because my period has hit the days I've got marked off on the calendar with uncanny precision all year doesn't mean I expect it to. And just because I'd only had sex the once since the last time didn't necessarily mean I couldn't be pregnant, in my mind. Human biology's got all sorts of ways it can be eccentric on you.

I mentioned that to Maggie, and she agreed, but also wondered if I felt any regret that I wasn't pregnant. She certainly did, a couple years ago, when she found out her own late period was just "sometimes you miss a month", and not her carrying my/Martin's baby. And I said, no, not really. I mean, it was just puking, and I hadn't been late, so the test was just confirmation, not something I realy suspected.

Yeah, she says, but "your biological clock must be just about set to go off. Mine sure as hell is." She's turning thirty next month, and I guess that's when most women really start to get concerned that they'll die alone and unloved. I told her I've really got no idea what my biological clock is set at. Sure, I mostly think of myself as 31, which probably should trigger "settle down soon" alarms, but the body is only twenty-six-and-a-half, which means I've got plenty of time. And I've only been a single girl for a couple years; were you ready to settle down in your late teens/early twenties?

She guessed not.

I did send an email to Nat for the first time in a few weeks, though, wanting to see how little Marty was doing.

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