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Sunday, May 01, 2005
Going out
Been a busy week; I went to my first Red Sox game of the season back on Tuesday. It was a nice night, and we had pretty good seats. Apparently, that's how it's working this year - it's very difficult to get tickets in advance, but the team frees some decent tickets up just a few days in advance. That's the way it is when your team's the World Champions and plays in a tiny, tiny ballpark - demand is ridiculously high, and this must be stuff that was reserved for VIPs but didn't get used. Says something that they were saving seats for VIPs in the grandstand, behind home plate or no.

Still, those were $45 tickets Chet got for us, and a cool surprise when he called me at work. We had fun even though the Sox lost the game. We stopped in the souvenir shop afterward, and I asked how he thought one of those pink tees would look on me. He said it was kind of girly, and I told him that was the point, both in terms of the team marketing itself more to women and my being one. Because you do want me to be a woman when we get back to your place, right?

He hemmed and hawed, so I smiled and told him I was just messing with him, that pink really isn't my thing. Then I asked if I had the smile down, the disarmingly cute one that always reduced me to jelly when a girl pulled it out. He said he wasn't quite jelly, but certainly a gelatinous substance of some kind.

He got me a red one, with Bellhorn's name and number on the back (OK, it's an odd choise, but I figure that the stoned serial-killer looking guy is never appreciated enough), which was good because I didn't have time to get home and change the next morning.

The rest of the week was a case of not much happening while still being incredibly busy. My life was pretty calm, but with just a couple weeks until Jen's wedding, I get sucked into that. Maureen's gotten herself an idea about finding a new place to live when our lease runs out, so we looked at a couple places but didn't find anything we liked as much as where we are now that would save us any money, so THERE'S a waste of time. Ate a good chunk of rainy Saturday, it did.

Today was cool, though - met Chet to see a movie. He was kind of surprised when I showed up to the Fenway theater sweating. I haven't gotten around to buying my T pass for May yet, so I walked for twenty minutes or so to get there. It's silly, I know, but I don't like buying both passes and tokens in a month if at all possible. And it was supposed to be a nicer day than it was yesterday.

We saw The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, which was geeky fun. I remember picking up my first paperback copy of the book back in junior high, and that copy had a "Soon to be a Major Motion Picture" sticker on it. Twenty years ago; it took a while. It's really not much like what I imagined the movie would be like, but I think that's a good thing. The Tolkien geeks got all excited about how Lord of the Rings was "perfect", but I liked the liberties taken here (some by Adams in his drafts of the screenplay), so I could be surprised and see someone else's take on the material.

So, anyway, as it ended, I'm spewing all this, and Chet stops me, like, wait, when did you first read these books? And I say I'm not sure, fifth or sixth grade, soemthing like that. No, he says, what year? Oh, uh, that would be about 1985 or so. I'd actually first heard about the Infocom text adventure in Compute! or Antic or some similar defunct magazine, but that led to the books pretty quickly...

He stops that tangent with a "just how old are you?" I tell him it's impolite to ask a woman that, but hey, fair question, though the answer's not so simple. As far as medical doctors are concerned, I'm twenty-six, although I've got the life-experience fo a thirty-one year-old. But, put them together, and I'll be celebrating my second birthday in July. So, I joke, maybe you shouldn't be buying me drinks...

He doesn't quite catch the joke, because apparently the idea that I am, by some measurement, older than him. Apparently, he thought I was younger than twenty-six, even, because I do OK keeping myself in shape (mostly good genes) and because I sometimes act like I'm still seventeen and new at everything (kind of a mixed compliment).

I don't see what the big deal is, it's not like it's a Moore/Kutcher age difference unless you look at us as twenty-seven and two. But he says he's never been the junior partner in a relationship before, and isn't it kind of strange for me? I can't say I've honestly given in much thought. Sure, I mostly dated girls my age or a couple years younger, but age is the least weird factor for me right now.

He went along with that, but I think he was hoping for me to think it was weird, too.

::sigh:: Stupid hitting "Save as Draft" instead of "Post"...
Now that age thing, that's really interesting. Now, for my personal tastes, it would excite more than bother me, but that's because I'm young enough that the thought of any girl older than me is tittilating. I can see why it would irk him, though, since you've gotta admit: its gotta be tough for anyone to be around you and see the whole picture of you.
Now, I don't have a problem with your age... but that could be due to the fact that I'm about the same age as Martin #1, and always have an eye for younger women. :-)
Yeah, it's kind of silly, espeically since we're talking about a spread of five years. If Martin had been old enough to be her father, yeah, that would be strange.
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