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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
CONTEST - Mind-swap chart
Would anyone be interested in creating a diagram of the various mind-swaps that I and the various other people in this web have been involved in? I was going to change the masthead today, but my head started hurt trying to think of how to represent EVERYTHING with just words. This really is a sort of network illustration project, so it needs to be represented visually. It'd also help when I tried to explain my life to someone to be able to whip the illustration out.

Heck, let's make a contest out of it. Winner gets a permanent spot/link on the blog. Maybe some prizes if I get enough entries to make the effort worthwhile.

Anyway, here are the names and descriptions of the original bodies:

MICHELLE GARBER - Mid-twenties, female, brunette, decent face but great curves, if I do say so myself
ALEXEI GUBANOV - Early sixties, male, Russian, once kind of overweight but drained from being in a coma for years
MARTIN HARTLE - Early thirties, male, average-looking, still a bit of baby-fat around the face (though the body is bulking up a bit with Carter in there)
SAMANTHA HASKINS - Late teens, female, natural blond who dyes her hair goth-black, skinny
CARTER DRUMMOND - Late twenties/early thirties, tall, black, shaved head, sexy in a Taye Diggs sort of way
MIKAIL KORPIN - Hell if I know; I don't think any of us has ever seen him. Well, Dmitri has, but he's not telling

And the swaps to represent. Names in quotes are the mind, names outside are the body:

Early July 2003 - "Michelle" from Michelle to Alexei; "Alexei" from Alexei to Michelle
Mid July 2003 - "Alexei" from Michelle to Martin; "Martin" from Martin to Michelle
Late November 2003 - "Michelle" from Alexei to Samantha; "Samantha" from Samantha to Alexei
Late December 2003/Early January 2004 - "Michelle" from Samantha to Mikail; "Mikail" from Mikail to Samantha
Mid-January 2004 - "Mikail" from Samantha to Carter; "Carter" from Carter to Samantha
April 2004 - "Mikail" from Carter to Hell (okay, not literally)
Late November 2004 - "Carter" from Samantha to Martin; "Alexei" from Martin to Samantha
Late December 2004 - "Alexei" from Samantha to Alexei; "Samantha" from Alexei to Samantha

Deadline is at the end of June; email all entries (or links to them) to
is this contest still open? what does it mean to have a perm spot on the blog? does that mean we become a character? Can we choose our sex and hair color etc and personality for our character on the blog permanantly?
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