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Friday, April 15, 2005
Procrastinating is bad
Man, I should have known I was supposed to keep track of my tips. I only spent a couple months waitressing last year, but.... Ugh. I am going to get audited because the only tips that appeared on my W-2 form were the ones from when someone paid with a credit card and wrote the amount in. I don't see why tips should be taxed anyway; does the government really feel the need to skim off every financial transaction? I swear, ten years from now there will be a tax form to fill out if you let someone borrow twenty bucks for a week.

In other news, Chet and I are going on a double-date with Kate and Carter tonight. Actually, Kate and I wanted to see the silent-movie-with-accompaniment at the Museum of Fine Arts, but what with it being on a Friday evening, we figured we'd get them to pay and buy us dinner and be happy about it because we'd be wearing something that makes us look good. Then maybe some dancing, and then who knows?

Well, I've got some idea, because Kate has been sending me instant messages all day asking about what Carter's turn-ons are. Both in terms of "what did Carter like when you were dating him?" and "what did you like when you were in that body?", of course. She says this will be a valuable scientific experiment, but I think it's just been nearly as long for her as it has been for me.

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