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Friday, April 08, 2005
One AM
One in the morning was when the superintendant finally finished working on my plumbing. And anyone going the double-entendre route here, get your minds out of the gutter. I mean, he's middle-aged and married and has a somewhat gross smoker's cough. Not nearly as gross as what was coming out of the drain, though - brownish water filling the kitchen sink, although thankfully not the bathtub or anything else in the bathroom, for that matter. I turned on the garbage disposal, and that got rid of it, but it soon filled up halfway. The sink and I played this game for a few hours, and then it started coming fast, so I called the super.

No idea what he was doing over there. I'd probably be useless owning a house on my own, I'm so willing to let other people handle the maintenance aspects. Wei says that's what husbands are for, but that's sort of unfathomable to me. Seriously, if the old me had married Mags, would I have wound up having to understand how to disassemble all the crap underneath the sink and put it back together so it no longer does disgusting things? Is there a class I missed? And then there's the shoveling, or having to do anything with the inside of a car.

Don't get me wrong; I like building things and such within reason. I get the same feeling of inner peace putting together a set of bookshelves or a desk in this body that I remember from being Martin. I have a difficult time not dissassembling anything held together with Phillips-head screws. I just figure there's no need to leave the basic necessities to chance. That's probably a stereotypically girly attitude, that instead of being self-sufficient I'm content to let a man do it, but whatever.

The other thing that's unfathomable is having a husband. I've said it before, but I have a hard time conceiving of it, still. I mostly function in society as a female; I flirt, handle clothing and cosmetics well enough, and like when guys open doors for me. I can even have rudimentary conversations about the pros and cons of different types of footwear. But I can't imagine being someone's wife.

I've got nothing against marriage; I'm glad to see Wei and Jim so happy and am genuinely excited about being part of Jen and Carlos's wedding next month. And I honestly think I would have proposed to Maggie if that pregnancy scare hadn't put a wedge between us, leading Martin-me to consider moving, getting an out-of-state job and thus being a fine target for Alexei-Michelle. And when I turned down Doug's proposal, that was about not wanting to spend the rest of my life with him specifically, not that I can't see myself married.

And I don't know whether that's a bad thing. I'm going out with Chet tonight. We'll have fun, and maybe on our next date I'll "give it up" (as if it's some sacrifice I'm making). I like him, I'm comfortable with him, I've got no desire to not be with him. I just don't see wedded bliss as the prize for a successful relationship.

Boy, that was a tangent. Jen's invited me and the other bridesmaids over tomorrow to help her decide on a band, so I guess the marriage thing is on my mind a little.

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