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Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Getting some (more)
Okay, didn't actually finish up last night. Also, it probably goes to show that I should probably not post in haste; I didn't mean to make it sound like I was being less-than-flattering of Chet's lovemaking ability. It's just sort of the way I communicate; I've got this almost automatic hitch where I say add "well, not quite perfect" after praise and "not a total loss" after expressing disappointment. Then I go into detail until the point where the person really wishes he'd never asked.

So, let it be said, I worked up a good sweat, came twice, and felt really good afterward. Chet fell asleep right away, but I mind that less than other girls, because I've been there, and, besides, I'm not really big on the snuggling. Being held is nice and all, and becomes more so the longer you've been seeing someone, but when I'm just starting out, it makes me nervous. Until I've built up a rapport with that specific man, sometimes I feel a little weird, or even guilty, post-coital, especially if they don't know my story. Chet does, but I don't know if he believes me.

He made breakfast, which was cool and probably needlessly fattening (although I certainly have made a note of the whole "pancackes topped with french vanilla ice cream" idea), and even knocked and asked if I was decent before opening the bedroom door. Kind of silly, since he'd seen it all, but some guys are like that.

We promised to do it again, then I went, because he had a school thing (he's working on his masters).

Sunday was when Kate and I had our big compare-and-contrast fest. Kate said there was a lot of apologizing at times on Carter's part, like "I used to be bigger". I didn't feel terribly insulted by that because, hey, statement of fact. A little on the weird side, but not that much different than talking about an ex with their current significant other.

I have to say, though, that it feels like coming out of hibernation or something - it got really nice out this week, there's a film festival starting tomorrow, I got to burn off a little sexual energy. Not a bad few days, huh?

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