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Tuesday, April 05, 2005
Baseball obsessive posting begins
Technology makes us do stupid things. Right now, as I type this, my ReplayTV at home is recording the Red Sox playing the Yankees so that I can watch it when I get home later. The thing is, using that bit of technology means I have to be careful with a lot of other ones - like the radio back by the loading dock (or anyone who might have one on the bus ride home, presuming extra innings, or that Steinbrenner's desire to make the seventh inning stretch last an hour so that the world knows that nobody loves their country like the Yankees do %lt;/SARCASM%gt;), or using the internet to check some of my favorite blogs, or even instant messages/email.

Anyway, big Boston sports happening, so Jen & Carlos threw a party. I take no pleasure from the knowledge that there were people in New York who found that game a good time. I guess it's notable for being the first social thing I attended with Chet while Kate came with Carter. I guess it's cool for them that their thing is working out, at least for now. I get the impression that the events of the last year or so have Carter sort of confused, and Kate is the type of girl who, if you're not sure what to think, will tell you. Not my style, but some guys need it at some point in their lives. So do some girls, for that matter.

It's weird, though. There's the ex thing, the different body thing, the I-remember-that-body-from-the-inside thing. Maureen decided to sit the party out when she found out Kate and Carter were coming, and I don't blame her one bit. Truth be told, I think it's kind of weird that Mags hangs out with me as much as she does, but then, she's Maggie. She's one of those people who sees something new and strange and is more inclined to be fascinated than grossed out. So, yeah, I'm her old boyfriend and yuck, but that's more than compensated by the whole nanomachines in my head that zipped memories and cognitive patterns between two brains deal.

Obviously, I'm not there with Carter yet. Looking at him weirds me out, and I, by necessity, look at the whole mind-swapping thing as part of my everyday life. It's not as taken-for-granted as the internet (which, considering how in high school I was using a 1200 baud modem hooked up to a 64KB Atari 800XL to go online, is pretty awesome), but I live with it every day, so I don't see someone else in that body and feel all "wow, the world is amazing".

We wound up sort of avoiding each other most of the night, or trying to. If you looked at the line-up on the couches and chairs, it was Carter, Kate, Jen, Carlos, Chet, me. Made me feel a little isolated, I guess. The good news is that folks liked Chet, even if Jen did say that me sprouting a boyfriend meant they had to rearrange seating and stuff at the wedding.

It's still going to be hard, though, because he's dating my best friend. But, whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger, rigth?

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