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Saturday, March 05, 2005
Not waiting by the phone. The phone's in a whole other room.
Okay, I've pretty much decided the chuck the "no dating until I know what I'm doing" resolution. Aside from my friends convincing me it's a stupid one, not having much to do Friday and Saturday nights is just boring. And I want to eat out. Not that I can't do that now, but it's no fun to do on your own, and on my salary it's easier if someone else pays for it, anyway. And we've established that I'm a miserly freeloader.

I actually tried to "accidentally" run into Chet again on Thursday, figuring that if he saw one artsy Japanese movie at the Brattle, he'd see the next, but if he did, it wasn't at the 7:45 show. Of course, it's not like there are that many people like me and Kate who go out to four movies a week. For all I know, he hit his limit Wednesday.

Speaking of Kate, I saw her last night. We went to see Be Cool, since we'd both purchased the Get Shorty DVD with the ticket attached, and figured if we were going to use it, we might as well use it on the most expensive show possible (Fridays and Saturdays after 6pm are $10.25 at Loews Boston Common). Not the world's greatest movie, but it should establish The Rock as a bona fide movie star - the dude is funny. Hot, too, according to Kate, but I'm sort of in one of those grooves where I just say, yeah, he's in pretty good shape. It's cyclical or something, because I know there have been times when I have responded to a good looking guy. I guess it's just a case of the hormone content of my brain.

She's still kind of freaked over the whole Alan/Carter thing. She bumped into him in the laundry room the other day, and it was evidently awkward as all hell. She says he did the shuffling forward like he wants to apologize thing, but stopped, because he knows that doing that will just lead to a rant on how an apology is just a pathetic response. Which Kate admitted was exactly what she would have done.

She asked me if I'd had any luck, and I said, well, I did mean a guy at the Brattle on Wednesday, and he said he'd never had any involvement with the transfer of consciousness from one person's body to another. She was like, my god, you actually asked him that. And I was like, sure, why not? After all, if anything were to hypothetically happen between us, better he finds out sooner rather than later. And, besides, wouldn't you remember someone who asked you that question?

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