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Friday, February 18, 2005
Those who don't like it when I talk about movies should probably find something else to read this weekend.
It's the weekend of the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival, with the centerpiece being the twenty-four hour Marathon. Used to be the Marathon was the whole event, but now in an attempt to become more Film Festival-y, they've added opening and closing nights. Hasn't yet seemed to net them any nifty previews yet, but who knows what the future will bring. I was hoping this would get us a sneak of The Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Godzilla: Final Wars or even Serenity, but instead we get The Creature From the Sunny-side Up Trailer Park.

Which was kind of neat. Telly IM'ed me the other day to ask if I was busy this weekend; there was some thing up in Vermont that he didn't want to deal with by himself. I told him sorry, but I don't actually know these people you're talking about. He says he really wishes he could pull that off, but he'd slip and not act ignorant. I say it's not an act, I really am ignorant... And that didn't sound right, even as I said it. Anyway, I mention the Marathon, he says it sounds like fun. I tell him Kate's got an extra ticket, and if she hasn't gotten up the guts to ask Alan...

Turns out she hasn't, so Telly decides to buy it off her, and meets us at the Somerville Theater just before 7pm. It's the first prolonged exposure Kate has had to Telly, and he amuses her no end. She sees more of a resemblence than I do, and says it's good for me - that her own siblings are a pain in the neck, but she wouldn't trade them for anything. She can't imagine what it's like to grow up without them.

Anyway, the director of tonight's movie was in attendence, one Christopher Coppola. Yes, of those Coppolas. There are an awful lot of them. It's funny, kind of, because the guy looks like a biker, but every once in a while, in the middle of a sentence he'll sound just like his brother, Nicolas Cage, for a word or two.

The movie is kind of silly, but it is, ironically enough, sort of about siblings in its way; as the protagonists are half-brothers who have never met, one white and one black, but cast and acted in such a way that it's not tough to believe they're related. I ask Kate afterward if there's anything like that between Telly and me. I don't see any resemblence, and I didn't grow up in the same house as him, but is there something biological that comes through? She says there are a few small things, not really much that's behavioral, but we've got similar ears, of all things, and the same habit of using our toes to scratch the backs of our legs every once in a while. Which is something I never realized I was doing.

It's funny; I couldn't see any resemblence between me and Telly because I would just look in a mirror and see "a woman", but having Michelle's brother around is kind of giving me an opportunity to looks at this woman, specifically, and see what she's made of.

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