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Friday, February 25, 2005
This place needs to get more organized
As in, the payroll hasn't come yet. I'm strongly opposed to not being paid on time; unfortunately, direct deposit isn't an option, which is making me all sorts of antsy; I really don't want to have to wait until Monday, what with rent coming up, and neither does anyone else.

What with it being a small business, I also have to be the entire IT department, and we got hit with a virus just after I left last night, so I had a great time trying to clean machines up while also trying to do my primary job of answering phones and greeting people who come in the door. My machine is pretty clean because I make sure to download patches and virus definitions on a regular basis, but one of our sales guys never bothered to even register his anti-virus software. That's just outright irresponsible. I had to do a FORMAT C:\ on his machine, and made him activate the virus scanner while I watched.

Still, some good came out of it. Situations like this are an excellent time to point out that I should be paid more than most receptionists. Not necessarily, like, multiples more, but you guys do have that new inventory system that has made life a lot easier for the past month, and if I wasn't here, how would you have recovered from this? So I can be looking forward to ten percent more in my next paycheck. As my boss decided to spin it, I was coming up on my six month review anyway.

Also, the guy who uses his laptop as his primary home computer? That sucker was just loaded with porn, and it was hilarious to watch him squirm while this girl sifts through everything. I managed to "accidentally" open up a file or two because, hey, that sort of thing happens when you're using that little touchpad thing rather than a real mouse. I managed to keep an "is that all you think a woman is good for" look on my face while quietly thinking, okay, my boobs aren't quite so unwieldy after all.

I must say, that guy has said "please" and "thank you" and paid me non-ass-related compliments more today than during the previous six months.

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