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Wednesday, February 16, 2005
The best part of Valentine's Day
Half-priced chocolate the day after. Mm-mm. If you don't mind buying heart-shaped things for yourself rather than waiting for some man to give them to you. Of course, most of the stuff that's on sale at the supermarket is some kind of peanut butter cup or Butterfinger, which means they sort of function as a laxative. Perfect for a Valentine's Day metaphor, eh?

I hated that made-up holiday as a man, and now... Well, I find it makes people crazy. Like, Maureen's worried not wanting to call one of the girls she met in the club Saturday night too soon after the "holiday" for fear of looking like she's just calling because she feels depressed and pathetic after spending Cupid Day alone.

Maybe next year I'll have a properly romantic one; I thought I did last year, but now, retroactively, now that I know it wasn't Carter I was with. Kind of taints it, doesn't it? Two years ago, I remember being with Maggie. We'd just been together for a little more than a couple weeks and still completely crazy about each other. Five months we were together. Five months as boyfriend and girlfriend compared to almost a year as girlfriends. Neither time was I sure that I'd found "it", but both times...

Well, at least it seems Kate did better. Looks like I get to meet this "Alan" this weekend at the Sci-Fi Film Festival.

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