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Wednesday, January 05, 2005
We have windows for a reason
We build ourselves nice little cocoons in our houses and apartments; with the heat on we can't tell what the environment is like without actually looking outside. That's not bad; I like my creature comforts and always have. It's just an observation; we sometimes insulate ourselves for perfectly good reasons - it's cold, we live in a ground-floor apartment and don't want people looking in our windows, with the blinds drawn in the living room because Telly was staying there last week and we just never got around to opening them.

I'm not getting all metaphorical here; just setting up the silly story that after yesterday was nice, I got dressed in a skirt and stockings only to get outside and find it snowing, only to realize that if I went back to change, I wouldn't have time to make my train.

So, I really hope I haven't caught myself a bad cold or anything.

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