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Thursday, January 20, 2005
Catching up a bit
Blogger spazzed a bit last night, so my post didn't go through. Nothing earth-shattering; the police didn't get called in when I gave "my" mother's maiden name as Blanchard. I didn't do it in person, though - same guy was at the bank's front desk as had been on Tuesday, and "well, now I know my mother's maiden name" sounds a bit suspicious. I pondered dressing differently, pulling out my blonde wig, maybe laying a Maine accent on a little, so that he wouldn't recognize me. But, quite frankly, that sounds like acting, and I get terrible stage fright just thinking about it.

Although, really, it's not like I'm that memorable. Someone who probably has a hundred or so people talk to him on a daily basis would be hard-pressed to remember any specific person from one day to the next, even if she couldn't remember her mother's maiden name. Especially since I'm not quite pretty above the neck, and below there... Well, it was cold out and I was wearing a heavy coat. Heh, I sound conceited, especially when the guy sort of struck me as gay, anyway.

So, did it on the phone. Which means I'll be able to get at my money sometime next week.

And that I don't have to see if I can kick Telly's ass.

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