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Sunday, December 19, 2004
Wow, would you look at the date?
Christmas is this week.

THIS WEEK. I mentioned the holidays coming up yesterday, but, damn, I didn't realize they were coming up so fast. I'd been so caught up in the whole Maureen-Natalie-Sam-Alexei-Carter drama that I didn't connect the appearance of snow on the ground with it being mid-December, or notice the holiday-centric advertising and store displays because, heck, that starts earlier every year, right?

Didn't hit me until Kate called me this morning, asked if I was doing anything, and then came over and gave me a present. Just a little thing, a stuffed monkey marionette, but it made me realize I'd done no shopping at all. Heck, if I wanted something to get to my mother in Florida by the end of the week, I'd have to send it tomorrow and hope.

Fortunately, Kate's Insanely Efficient Woman, and had be out the door before I quite knew what was going on. We started at Games People Play and worked our way into Harvard Square. I had to be kind of cheap in some cases, but I had a lot more shopping to do than last year - Martin-friends, Martina-friends, mom, Maureen... Just crazy.

Anyway, I also picked up the Barenaked Ladies' Christmas album and am about to start wrapping. It's silly and fun. I can use silly and fun.

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