Transplanted Life
Monday, December 13, 2004
Here's something really amazing - they've been drawing a fair amount of blood from Carter, Alexei, and Samantha. That's not amazing in and of itself, but it's what they've found. Apparently, there are still little nano-things in their bloodstream. Not surprising, right - those suckers can't be expected to steer or anything, and even if they latch on to brain cells quickly (Carter switched Alexei and Samantha only a half-hour after injecting him), some are going to go to other parts of the bloodstream, so they'll be in our system.

No, what's surprising is that they apparently found two seperate variants in Carter's body - my old body. If the way Mags explains it is right, you'd have to make the molecules slightly different each time you did a switch, lest anyone else who's in range get caught up and all hell breaks loose. I gather that her company not being involved in the investigation is driving Maggie nuts - she talks about how just finding the nanos in the samples must be difficult, since while they'd obviously be the largest molecultes in the sample once you filtered anything cell-size or larger out, they're probably also pretty fragile, so the centrifuge would probably tear them to pieces. But, anyway, Carter's got two seperate variants. Samantha's got four. Alexei's got three. And they drew about a liter of blood out of me today to check and see if there are two. They say doing this will help verify our stories, make sure that the number of switches matches what we've said. If they didn't, I gather there'd be some suspicion that we're not who we say we are.

I presume they're going to dig up Carter's birth body to make sure he's only got one. I wonder what Carter thinks of that; they still haven't let me see him. Especially when you think that they'll probably cut up whatever's left of his original brain, although after the bullet and the mortician got to it I don't know how much would be left.

Whoa; hold on a second. Once they knew about the whole body-switching thing... I mean, they must have already done something like this on Carter's body anyway, right? And his brains. You'd almost have to, right? So why didn't this come up [i]months[/i] ago?

Something to ask Maggie and Agent Jones tomorrow. Also, doesn't our blood recycle completely every few months? What's the likelyhood that there would still be nanos in there, unless the little bastards are self-replicating? And why would they be?

Gah. I'm wishing I'd studied some real science instead of computer science in college.
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