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Friday, December 10, 2004
No part of us
Samantha's awake. She regained consciousness early this morning, around three AM. According to Maureen, the cops weren't planning to tell her what happened right away, figuring that just waking up in your own body wouldn't be quite the shock that waking up a member of the opposite sex would be.

But you notice the differences, apparently. The ironic thing is that Sam must have felt stronger than she did a year ago, when Dmitri stuck her mind into his father's body just because she was afraid of flying, with all the working out that Carter did in that body. Or just looking at her hand and not seeing the black nail polish, seeing her hair blonde and in a neat, short cut in the reflection in the window. She knew some time had passed, but when she found out it was a whole year... Well, she'd at least gotten to see Kill Bill Volume One - you don't come out of a long-term coma feeling stronger than you can ever remember feeling.

I gather the feds spent the entire day with her, trying to piece together what the deal was, since Dmitri hasn't been co-operative, ever. Apparently, the last thing she remembers is going out to the rest home with her boyfriend. He'd gotten her a soda from the machine and opened it, and soon after drinking it she'd gotten sleepy, and the next thing she knew, she was waking up here and now. Are you saying someone else had actually been in her body that whole time? Three someones? Men?!?

Oh, and aside from law enforcement, the only person at the hospital with her overnight had been this redhead who looked at her funny. Maureen opted not to say just why she was gazing at Samantha so intently. So, until further notice, they're just roommates.

Maureen did score some points with Sam based on a chewing-out she gave one of Agent Jones's men who was disappointed that it was Samantha in that body instead of Alexei, because Sam couldn't tell them anything. That Sam'd just been through an incredible trauma and the last thing she needs is hearing people disappointed that she was safe and whole. When she doesn't have her nose in the air, Mo can be pretty great.

Meanwhile, I sat around the FBI office, hoping to get a chance to talk with Carter. Apparently he's telling the FBI everything he knows, but it really isn't much. He didn't know the name of the guy Alexei got the laptop and vials from, the PO Box Nat's men had, um, coaxed out of Alexei was closed out... He is, as Jones puts it, happy to help now that there's not much help he can give.

I'm not sure why it was important for me to see him. Curiosity, in part, about this new person who's half old boyfriend and half old me. I didn't get to see him today; maybe tomorrow.

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