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Sunday, December 26, 2004
I really should move someplace warmer
We had one of those weird snowstorms today, the kind that drops a couple of inches, but it doesn't really get unbearably cold (at least, not for those of us who grew up in the area) or windy or anything. We just get thick cloud cover so that it gets very dark, very early. I think having a million sources of 98.6-degree heat in close proximity sort of moderates everything, and the tall buildings in this case blocked the worst of the weather rather than forming intense wind tunnels (although I only went out to get a couple slices of pizza this evening).

Still, the city had the abandoned feel which doesn't quite jive with how bad the weather really was. We're New Englanders, after all, we've seen snow. Which makes me suspect that it was pretty bad outside the city, sparing us the worst of it. Maureen's already called to say that she's staying at her folks' house tonight, so I guess things are going at least well enough there that they're not sending their daughter out into the weater. Or, at least, they're not sending one of their other kids (who happens to be Mo's ride) out into the weather.

I hope this doesn't screw my commute up tomorrow. When making up my top ten lists of places to not be during a bad storm, "a train stopped on the tracks somewhere in Watertown or Waltham" isn't in the top ten, but I'm not anxious to try it out, either.

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