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Saturday, December 25, 2004
Home for the holidays
If there's one lesson I hope people take from reading this weblog, it's that honesty really is the best policy. Not just "not lying", but not holding back. Because people are smart, for the most part, and even the ones who aren't will be better equipped to make decisions with more information than less.

As I've mentioned before, Maureen cooks to relieve stress, so around shifts at the hotel, she's been making sugar cookies and egg nog. Mmmm... Holiday eggnog, with the rum.

Of course, inhibitions drop with that, especially if you're like Maureen or Sam and don't drink so much. Not that I'm a lush, by any means, just that I've built up a wee bit more of a tolerance than the younger girls have. So, anyway, I won't attempt to reconstruct the conversation here, but let's just say that around nine-thirty last night, why Maureen was so angry at Carter and so dilligent about visiting Sam in the hospital came out... and Sam didn't like it one little bit.

I can't exactly blame her for feeling violated, even as we tried to explain that Maureen didn't know that it was someone else inside Sam's body. Of course, I did, so why didn't I do something to break it up? Well, I'd sort of figured that since I responded to men despite thirty years of being a heterosexual male, so if Carter was responding to women...

Sam didn't like the way that line of thinking went, especially when I tried to rationalize her relationship with Dmitri in a way that that was, admittedly, uncharitable. I mean, I thought Dmitri was using her, seeing her as a warm body that wouldn't be missed, and I wasn't trying to judge, because if I'd been on the streets with winter coming.

Yeah, I know. I can be a well-meaning ass. We all can. Maureen and I managed to convince Sam not to just leave the house then and there, to at least sleep on it. I took the couch, and Sam locked our bedroom door.

This morning, she had her bags packed, and said that even though she understood why Carter-Sam and Maureen had hooked up, and I'd stood by... She didn't think she could stay around us. I asked where she was going, and she said home, that all the Christmas stuff had been getting to her anyway, and even if she and her parents didn't see eye to eye, well, it had been a year and a half for them, so maybe...

I helped her carry her bags to the bus station; she asked me to call her folks so that they'd know to pick her up. She'd do it herself, but... I got it.

When I got back, there was a note from Maureen on the table, saying her sister had called and asked if she was coming home for Christmas. She'd hemmed and hawed, but eventually decided that she would, that seeing Sam not afraid to go home made her a little less scared of facing her folks for a couple of days.

So, looks like I'm alone this Christmas. Kind of sucks, but better for it to suck for just me than both of them, I guess. So... What movies are opening today?

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