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Monday, November 01, 2004
Parties of the non-political variety
Fun, fun weekend. Sure, it started out kind of rainy and drizzly, but in case you hadn't heard - the Red Sox won the world series, and there was a parade - an amphibious parade at that. I don't know if they've got Duck Boats in other cities, but having the parade not only drive through town, but actually out onto the Charles, was pretty spiffy. What you could do, in theory, is see the parade at one spot and then run or take the T to another, so you could see the folks on the other side of the amphibious vehicle, but in practice, when you get to the second site, it's three people deep and you can't see a thing, especially if the guy in front of you has a gigantic Guinness fuzzy top hat on. Or if you're Carter and barely break five feet anyway.

But, honestly, the rain seemed to clear up just when the first parade boat - "Red Sox Nathan" - arrived, and it was nice enough to walk home afterward. Streets being closed off is fun, although it's kind of freaky when you're walking down the middle of a bridge, hear this big rumble, and then look behind you to see that it's just the Red Line on its tracks up the middle of the bridge.

My roommates and I then spent the rest of the day looking for costumes for Jen's Halloween party. As you might expect, there wasn't much to be had by that point. Mo wound up going to Dollar-a-Pound to get stuff for a hippie costume, Carter found a boy's tuxedo in a consignment shop, and I... well, I wound up with Maureen's old cheerleader outfit. I'd feel silly wearing it, but, hey, I'm not the one who still had it in my closet.

The party itself was smaller than last year - just friends, really, as it wasn't an office party - evidently someone at Jen's new job took care of that Saturday night. I didn't drink nearly as much, just enough to be sociable. Doug had made himself a samauri costume and it so didn't work. There were the inevitable comments about how he never got to make it with a cheerleader in high school and how well I filled out Maureen's uniform. Of course, I wasn't exactly complaining about them.

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