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Wednesday, November 10, 2004
Not talking about it
There's a lot of Not Talking About It going around the apartment. I haven't told Maureen and Carter why I'm mopey, because I don't see what good it'll do. They'd just disapprove, though for different reasons - Carter because I had sex with a man, Maureen because of the circumstances of it.

Meanwhile, it's perfectly clear that they don't have Maureen's parents' blessing, and that really bothers her. Carter doesn't really get it; she doesn't have much affection for any of her (well, "the original Carter's") foster parents, and has steadfastly rebuffed any attempts to get to know Sam's, so she doesn't really understand the self-doubt Maureen is going through. Even once you're grown, there's always something in the back of your head that makes you expect your parents to be right, even if you disagree.

Thankfully, Maureen's not giving up; she's going to try for strength in numbers. She's got two brothers and a sister, and she's already making plans to get them down here next weekend, so that they can meet "Sam" and hopefully be a little more tolerant so that they can present a united front to the parents on Thanksgiving (and, man, I really don't envy Carter walking into that potential minefield).

So, I've got a week to figure out whether I meet the rest of Maureen's family single or as part of a couple. I haven't talked to Doug since Saturday... well, early Sunday morning... and I don't know whether he's just mad at me, or wants no more to do with me, or maybe has reconsidered the whole situation and decided I did nothing wrong but is too embarrassed to apologize (I'm a funny, funny girl).

And oh, gads, I had plans to hang out with Kate, Jen, and Maggie tonight. I suppose I could keep quiet, but that's sort of a guy thing that guys do with their guy friends, isn't it? If I don't tell them everything, they'll probably consider it a bigger betrayal than what I did to Doug, and then talk about it. In detail, more than the "Jane's a great girl, dumbass - would it be too weird if I asked her out" I as Martin could have expected from male friends in a similar situation.

And they'll know. I mean, it's been three whole days - Wei will have talked to Maggie or Doug will have spoken to Kate by now. And if Kate knows, she'll mention it, there's just no escape.

::sigh:: Yes, sometimes I miss the social aspects of being a man (or the lack thereof) a whole lot more than the physical aspects.

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