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Tuesday, November 23, 2004
Amazingly stressful is...
...waiting for a call from someone in federal law enforcement when your job is, in large part, answering the telephone. This has happened about fifty times in the last few days:

PHONE: Brrr-ri--! (picked up before the first ring is finished)

MARTINA (breathlessly): Hello, Ellis Brothers Equipment, Martina speaking.

PHONE: Yes, I'm filming a training video for blah blah blah blah blah...

MARTINA (to herself): Damn, legitimate business.

It has, I gathered, been the same for Maureen, only she just has to look at the number on her cell in order to realize that, no, there's not yet any word on Nat or Carter or Alexei, just more hotel guests who want dinner reservations somewhere. She had called in sick at work on Monday, and was quite frankly surprised that I didn't. I couldn't think of a good reason not to go in, I said - it's sit here and wait for a call, sit at the FBI office and wait for information, or sit at work and actually do something useful while waiting for information. Besides, I've only been at my job for two months and haven't accrued much sick/vacation time, so soon it would be unpaid days off.

And, besides, your time off is precious. It should be hoarded for when you can do something positive, not just mope. And let's also face it - we can't afford not to work, because it suddenly doesn't look likely that Carter's going to be chipping in for the rent.

I'm a little worried about that last one, too - I've mentioned before that I'm awful with keeping on top of the bills, but Maureen isn't; she actually went to school for office management and is frightfully organized. She says we're okay, but she at least will have to cut back on Christmas presents for everyone but the twins (and not them because shopping for kids is more fun than for grown-ups anyway). Still, there will be a little belt-tightening going on, which is no fun.

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