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Saturday, October 23, 2004
Just time for a quick post, while I change into a dress from the flannel-lined jeans. Not the sexiest of outfits, but it was cold outside today. Great day to stay inside, but Jen and Carlos were both rowing in the Head of the Carles, so we came out to support them.

Watching the Head of the Charles is like watching a marathon, only less exciting. All the start times are staggered somewhat, so you're sort of just watching a series of shells go by while the coxswains yell. Let me tell you something - those German ones are fierce. You generally use a Carter-sized girl as your cox, because you've got to drag their ass through the water without them doing much other than urging you on. There are rules against having someone below ninety pounds, I think, and no, you can't use a double amputee. But, anyway, I'm standing on a bridge, and despite not understanding a word the tiny blonde girl is yelling, I want to row harder even though I'm not in a boat.

I actually did the rowing for a while in my former life, but never got into the competitive aspect. I mean, you're in a boat, on the river, first thing in the morning or just on a nice day... What's the rush? Why be in such a hurry to get it over with?

Well, in today's case, it's cold. We all bundled up good, and even if the party at Jen's tonight isn't exactly a dress-up thing, it's not an eskimo-themed deal, either.

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