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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Lunchtime ramblings
It's dangerous to move into a new place in July, since you never know how it will handle even slightly harsh weather. July in New England is just about a perfectly temperate climate, with the thermometer more or less steady in the mid-to-upper seventies, often pleasant breezes, and not much rain to speak of. You don't really need the air conditioner in earnest until August, and then there's another few weeks of pleasantness before you find out that your bedroom has lousy insulation or that even though the windows aren't porous to rain, cold air can sneak in and around them. We had our first really chilly night last night, and I swear that my teeth were chattering.

It's one of those annoying times when Carter's discomfort with her body came in handy. Even during the summer she tended to sleep in big, asexual pyjamas and even socks because she still found it jarring to be confronted by her body when when she woke up. So she's nice and warm while I'm stupidly wearing a loose t-shirt and cotton shorts.

I fully recognize that this is a silly and mundane thing to whine about compared to the strangeness that is the rest of my life, but as I sit here waiting for VBA to run something that's taking much longer than it should, it's what's in the back of my mind.

Speaking of bigger things and minor annoyances, does anyone else find Fox's highly Yankee-centric scheduling of the division games annoying? Sure, I can use the ReplayTV (the world's coolest consumer electronics device) to spool today's 4:09pm game so that I can watch it when I get home at six, but does anyone think that if the Yankees had drawn a team from the AL West, they'd have to deal with a 10pm start tomorrow? Hardly. I think all three games being shown in prime-time this week are Yankees versus Twins, and not just because Johann Santana is amazingly, approaching Pedro five years ago, good.

I get why they do this - the Yankees have an audience - but it's sort of self-propogating, since if all people ever see is one team, that's who the population at large will identify with, and does the world need more Yankee fans?


(Although, the flip side of this is that the Yankee fans have to deal with Joe Buck, Tim McCarver, and Scooter the animated baseball, while the rest of us get the less-annoying ESPN guys)
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