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Tuesday, October 05, 2004
Good results
Well, I'm happy to see that Maureen and Carter were kind enough to not mention what was going on in the game to me after seeing the big note I'd taped up by the television. Of course, it helped that they weren't actually home when I arrived at the apartment, but I got lucky there, too - often someone will have a radio with the game on on the train, but instead, I was able to get to sit down at six, finish at quarter past eight, and see the game almost in its entirety - almost because I'd set it to record off ESPN but the first twenty minutes were on ESPN2 because the other game ran long.

Kurt did try to call at one point - I think it was when Doug Meintkewicz laid down the bunt - but I informed him that it was like an hour earlier for me so don't talk to me about the game. We did talk for fifteen minutes or so during the Yankees game, which was pretty satisfying as well.

I was pretty glad he called, because even though most everyone I know follows the game, Maureen is the closest to a real fan, and sometimes you need someone with whom to share the irrational exuberance. It'll be interesting to see how long Doug lasts watching the game with me after the movie.

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