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Wednesday, October 27, 2004
Game 4 Tonight!
I am so excited I could wet myself. I never believed in the whole curse nonsense, even after the horrifying end to last season when I was at least a little open to a supernatural explanation for being in someone else's body, but, still, there's a sort of inertia that builds up, that things will continue to be some way because that is how they have always been. I of all people should know better, but not only has the other shoe not dropped, for the past week there's been no sign that it could happen. It certainly does seem to be the hypothetical Next Year.

Just think - as soon as tomorrow, obnoxious New Yorkers and bandwagoners yelling "1918" will likely be a thing of the past. They'll probably be hoisting a new banner on Yawkey Way. When I talk baseball with someone, they won't assume I'm miserable, which has never been the case, but they'll recognize what Red Sox fans have known all along - it's a great team, one of the best year-in and year-out.

Doug and I are going to be watching it at Wei & Jim's tonight. They got an HDTV as a wedding gift, so we're in for a beautiful picture (with the caveat that Tim McCarver is probably twice as annoying in DVD-quality digital surround sound), we're going to be surrounded by other fans, and it's just much more fun to do anything like this in a group.

The only issue with this potential sweep is that Jen was planning on having a Game-7 party rather than a Halloween party this year, and we're not going to have much time to find non-lame costumes if the Cards don't pull off the sort of comeback that, well, that the Red Sox did in the ALCS. Being Supergirl two years in a row is probably some sort of weird fashion faux pas, I imagine.

And there's a lunar eclipse tonight, too - talk about your planets aligning!

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