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Monday, October 11, 2004
Adventures in Public Transportation
Nobody I know had today off, so why is it considered a holiday? Does anyone do anything Columbus-related to celebrate Columbus Day? Sure, I think it would be a cool thing if people were to take Columbus Day and maybe go sailing or something, but that's not what actually happens. You just go to work but have your commute screwed up because everything's on a Saturday schedule.

Now, Maureen figures I was just trying to avoid coming home and answering the phone, but I just got tied up for five minutes too long at work, which caused me to miss the train, so I took the bus, but on a Saturday schedule this bus dumps you in West Newton instead of downtown - which is insane! I mean, I can understand the schedule not running as often, but not as far? Lunacy. So then I take another bus which drops me near the Fenway theater, but I just miss my start time, take another bus to the Boston Common one, see the next movie showing...

Okay, maybe I was avoiding a little. And it annoys me; why should I be doing that? He's the one who put me in the position of having to say no, not right now, when it should have been completely obvious that I wasn't ready. But now I'm supposed to feel guilty because I did something reasonable, whereas I'm sure people are feeling sorry for him because he did something silly, and I don't want to deal with that right now.

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