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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Wei's Wedding Stuff, prelude
Just a few minutes before leaving for Wei's wedding. I have to say I'm glad she's having it in the city; it's evidently more difficult to book a church, but I've gone to weddings in the suburbs where you have to find a bed and breakfast, rent a car, and all sorts of nuisance. And that's on top of wearing rented pants. And a heat-absorbing black tuxedo on what is inevitably the hottest weekend of the summer.

Today? Green dress which goes from my bust to my knees using about the same amount of material as the pants in a tuxedo. It's a nice day, but the heat should be more bearable, and it's not like I have to do pictures or anything - straight from the church to the air-conditioned reception hall.

I kind of wish I was a bridesmaid, though. Wei was one of my best friends in my old life, and maybe if I'd come clean with everyone earlier I would be. But back then, I was still under the impression that I might turn back and the whole Kurt thing was at its most soap-operatic.

Speaking of Kurt and not being in the wedding party, I did go to the rehearsal dinner last night. Kurt was there, along with a bunch of folks I/Martin hadn't seen since college or since they decided to leave the world of us single people alone. I didn't actually attend the rehearsal, since I had to rush to get from work to the restaurant in time, but it was kind of surreal. Wei's friends and family assumed I knew Jim, while Jim's figured I knew Wei, and only a few people recognized me as an ex-girlfriend of Kurt's, thus thinking my presense was "odd" but not "weird". David was there, too, but he didn't seem to recognize me. Just as well; I'm not really into causing scenes.

I didn't talk about who I actually was - Kurt more or less steered clear of me, and while I suppose I could have introduced myself to people beyond my first name, yesterday and today are Wei's time, and if some girl told me that she had the mind (or at least memories and some of the personality) of a man I once knew, I'd sort of be distracted from the whole wedding thing? Well, at least I would have been before experiencing it first person.

But it's cool. While doing the thanks to family and friends, she mentioned her "friend Martin, who has undergone some trials but is here in spirit", which was kind of cool, and I suppose technically accurate.

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