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Wednesday, September 08, 2004
Up late, up early
I'm so glad this is the Red Sox' last West Coast trip of the year (unless Fox and MLB pull that 10:30 PM playoff game shit on us again during the ALDS). I'm trying to remember how I/Martin handled staying up until one to watch those while working a nine-to-five job. I think maybe that body either needed less sleep. Or caffeine was involved.

Caffeine should have been used today, except that I don't keep coffee on-hand (smells good, tastes like coffee). So that 9:30 interview seemed like a bad idea, but it was an hour I knew I wouldn't have to work at the restaurant.

I admit, I have kind of stopped writing about job interviews because it's kind of depressing. There's an article in this morning's Boston Globe about the "quarter-life crisis", about 25-year-olds angsting over being un- or under-employed, how they feel directionless, etc., etc. I'm just like, hey, at least you have some form of documentation for your technical skills and experience. Anyway, I've been able to tell pretty much straight off that I wasn't getting hired.

Today, though, was a bit different; they sat me down at a computer to show I knew what I was doing. It's always fun when they do that and then look at what you did and say "huh, I wouldn't have thought to do it that way". The job itself is an administrative aide thing, but the previous person to hold it evidently was big on the "proprietary filing system" thing. As in, she stores everything in an Excel spreadsheet even if it's better as relational data, nobody else has a copy of the information so they have to go through her, etc. So, in addition to data-entry, research, and secretarial work, I'd be expected to build a usuable system as well. Pay's not great, but it beats out waiting tables.

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