Transplanted Life
Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Post coital blogging
So, am I a bad (or at least atypical) girlfriend for getting up and doing stuff if Doug falls asleep right after sex? It's sort of a guy-girl cliché, but I always sort of assumed, as Martin, that if I fell asleep, then the girl would still be snuggled up beside me, not slipping on an oversized T-shirt and heading to the living room to watch the end of the Red Sox west-coast ballgame, or popping open the laptop to surf the web, or raiding the cookie jar.

Not that this is a usual occurance; Doug's just jet-lagged and has to go to work tomorrow, while I'm working the night shift. Still, when it happens, it always feels awkward. The first ten or fifteen minutes are kind of nice, but then if you don't fall asleep yourself... Well, what are you supposed to do?

Ah, well. I probably should get some sleep. Wouldn't exactly be classy to just be a complete snoring lump on his bed while he's trying to get ready for work tomorrow.
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