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Friday, September 24, 2004
No more waiting tables
No more waitressing! At lesat, not any time soon. I've got the weekend off, the Star Wars movies on DVD, and a job with benefits and regular hours starting on Monday. Life's pretty good.

(Well, except for Francona pulling a Grady during the ballgame. Stupid, stupid, stupid...)

I wish it hadn't been an evening shift, so that Doug and I could have done something to celebrate. He's just not a guy for starting a date at ten, though, and I think it is kind of tacky to celebrate not having a job even more, even when you're talking about a specific job.

Carter and Maureen are out again tonight. Is it catty of me to say that I don't quite see what they see in each other? I mean, I know the whole opposites attract thing, but I sometimes wonder what they talk about when they're together. Maybe it's just physical.

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