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Friday, September 17, 2004
New job!
Finally got the call I've been waiting for this morning - I'm going to be the new Office Assistant at Ellis Brothers Film & Video Equipment Rental. Pays better than waiting tables, and it's more interesting than answering phones.

Well, than just answering phones. As the title "Office Assistant" will tell you, it's kind of a catch-all job. Receptionist, secretary, and trying to merge their client list, equipment list, employee assignement log, and other data into one cohesive Access database, build an application to handle it, etc.

It's a small company - I think I'm employee number eight and the only girl. The others are drivers, technicians, and a couple of guys whose jobs appear mostly to be sniffing out any film/video production in the Boston area and offering to rent their lights/cameras/dollys/microphones/everything else. It's a cool business to be near, although aside from the very occasional very low-budget independent film, most of the clients are advertising agencies filming television commercials.

The big negative is the location; in a warehouse out in Waltham. I'm going to have to upgrade by subway pass to the commuter rail and make sure I catch the 8:25 train every morning. I've tended to still be in bed at 8:30 for the last few months, and now I've got to get to Porter Square by then so I can catch another train? It also means I'll have to quit the waitressing job.

Now, it's not like I'll miss the job or that I've gotten terribly close to any of the people there; I'd just sort of figured on keeping it as a part-time job to build up something resembling savings. I'm not quite living paycheck-to-paycheck right now, but I don't really believe in stability anymore. Things can change! Say a month or two from now Carter and Maureen decide that I'm sort of a third wheel (or I decide that myself), or Ellis Brothers goes out of business, or something, you know, flat-out science-fictional.

So, I'll go in and give my notice today, work there another week, and then start at Ellis Brothers on the 27th. I'm looking forward to it, though - working regular hours will give me more time to spend with Doug and most of my other friends who I haven't had as much time to hang out with. And that's on top of the insurance and paid vacation time.

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