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Wednesday, September 22, 2004
Kid's going to have a confusing family tree
Got more pictures from Nat today. She's in her third trimester, which she described as the point of no return. Kind of a weird thing for her to say, since she hasn't mentioned abortion in months. Not that she ever mentioned it much, but, well, it creeps me out. On multiple levels. And most of that comes from the guy part of me, the part that still thinks of Nat's unborn child as being mine, sort of, because of the DNA it has. And even if I put the whole idea of me having any claim or connection to the kid off, the very idea creeps me out. Politically, I've always been sort of a conservative libertarian in that area. I don't like the very idea of abortion, but sort of felt like I was unqualified to have an opinion on the subject. Even having had a womb for the past fourteen months, I still don't give it much thought. I tend to think it should be legal inasmuch as it should be regulated like any other medical procedure, but only used as a medical procedure, when carrying a fetus to term would be a danger to the mother's health.

I think I articulated it even worse while IMing Nat, but she seemed to get it. She thinks it's nice that I'm taking an interest; her parents are evidently being downright schizophrenic about it. On the one hand, they're terribly disappointed that their little girl has been scandalized like this, and she probably won't be the first female president after all, but on the other hand... they intend to spoil their first grandchild rotten.

Mom's even more unsure. She kind of wants grandchildren, too, but she's coming around to how "Alexei" isn't Martin, so while she's the source of roughly a quarter of the baby's genetic material, her son isn't really the father. She wishes it could be simpler. If I ever have kids, she says, what will they be to her? It's not going to happen anytime soon, I tell her - I haven't had unprotected sex yet and I've slowed down over the past year.

Okay, I'm going to finish watching this game and head to bed. I think I'm getting old or something; I used to look at extra innings as "bonus baseball", and you'd think being physically five years younger would get me back in that frame of mind.

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