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Monday, September 13, 2004
I'm beat.
It was one of those weekends where everyone wants a piece of your time. I only had one shift at work, but after that... Doug wants to do dinner and dancing Friday night; then Kate calls Doug's place to see if we want to hit the Boston Film Festival with her and her boyfriend. Then Nat calls me on the phone because she's pregnant and crazy and wants someone to talk to, forgetting about the three hour time difference.

To top it off, I didn't even get out of work when Carter shows up begging me to help her buy a pair of shoes! Apparently, Maureen wound up with a pair of tickets to The Lion King or something, and when she suggested to Carter that they do it up as a special occasion, Carter agreed, but after buying a dress, she realized her sneakers wouldn't go with it, and that would disappoint Maureen, and since I'm the only person she knows who knows her situation, I just had to help her.

So that was an experience. I mean, I've adjusted okay to being a woman, but the shoe thing isn't my forte. And had I seen the dress I was supposed to match? No. Oh, and Carter decides to go to Payless so that she can buy a new pair of sneakers on sale too. Now, I'm far from a snob, but we've got limited time and the store in question isn't very big...

And yet, we manage. Mostly. It turns out that the pair that is the exact right color also has two-inch heels. Now, that's not so bad for me, but I can't remember Carter ever wearing them before, so I tell her that she needs some practice. But she doesn't want anyone to see her, especially Maureen, so we have to take the train out a couple stops and then find someplace quiet - even though I point out that she's not a man any more and girls don't necessarily do well in abandoned places, I don't think it quite sunk in. I just hope that dress isn't very short, considering how she managed to scrape her knees by trying to practice in shorts.

And then this morning Maggie wants me to stop by before going to work, but when I get there I find out she thinks she's come up with an antibody of some sort for that pheremone thing and would I mind testing it? In a word, no thank you. I really don't want that stuff released into the atmosphere ever again. You want more blood, fine, but I'm not having my mind screwed around with like that again.

Then a blessedly slow day at work. Those can be nice.

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