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Wednesday, September 15, 2004
The Fenway area isn't quite so much fun when you're not going to a ballgame
Both Doug and Maureen managed to score passes for the Sky Captain preview last night, which made me very happy. I mean, Sky Captain in general makes me very happy. Combining old Hollywood style with cutting edge special effects - what's not to love? And that's before I even saw the movie. Which is just fantastic; Gwynneth Paltrow makes a great silver screen siren, Jude Law is an affable hero, and the robots...

It was still a valuable lesson in not going to a movie at the AMC Fenway 13 at certain times, though. Though it's got the biggest non-IMAX screen in the area, the "Screen Monster" is so named in part because of its proximity to Fenway Park. I love the Red Sox to death, so I couldn't quite be annoyed at all of New England being on the Green Line, although it got pretty crowded. The four of us (me, Doug, Mo, and Carter) were kind of squished in a corner, which was fine until a couple of college kids started getting touchy.

Now, I'm not a prude about such things. I'm probably under-sensitive to it, really, because I'm all too familiar with what's going on inside a guy's head. If I'm wearing shorts and someone wants to stare at my butt, that's fine, it's a nice butt and I'm only a year or so removed from doing it myself and not seeing the harm in it.

So the first time the train comes to a stop in mid tunnel and some guy stumbles a step and his hand lands on my breast, I kind of laugh. Why make it awkward, right? So he removes it, says oops, and the train starts up again. Some passengers get off at Copley, but most of us are heading to Kenmore. The second time, though, it's not funny, and his friend was kind of pushing his groin against Maureen. She squawks "hey!", I push the first guy's hand away while giving him a stern look, and Doug puts his arm around me, asking them if they've got a problem. Now, Doug's not intimidating by any means, but he'd raised his voice a little, enough to get their attention but not enough to make a scene. Fortunately, these guys haven't started drinking yet and can thus still realize that a scene would probably go badly for them. So they turn around and mutter something that sounds like they're questioning our sexuality.

(I wonder how they would have responded if Maureen had told them that they were right, in her case? I mean, guys may say that they think a girl's a lesbian, but they don't really believe it because they're generally not really that arrogant and, besides, it would mean they really have no chance)

So, anyway, once we crossed to the opposite side of Comm Ave and had some breathing room, I thanked Doug and Maureen even gave him a little friendly peck on the cheek, since if he hadn't stepped in, "Sam" would have had to kick their asses. And don't think I wouldn't, she said. Maureen said "I know, baby. You're small, but you're rugged." Then she wrapped her arm around Carter and gave her a squeeze, evidently not up to kissing her in public yet.

Then we got to the movie without further incident, and the movie started rocking.

Afterward, Carter wanted to walk home, since it's not a long haul to the Western Avenue bridge from the Fenway area, but as Maureen pointed out, it was dark and Doug lived in the other direction. So we piled into another subway car, though fortunately the game was only half-over and it wasn't nearly as crowded.

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