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Monday, September 27, 2004
Day One
It was, in a way, refreshing to go to work in heels today. Not spikes or anything, just an inch-and-a-half cube of wood at the back of my shoes. I'm the only female at the place, so a little extra height is nice. I'm not short, but I'm no taller than average, which makes me the shortest person in the shop. I'm not totally insecure about that, but first day, I can use the confidence booster.

Job's nice so far. The computer they put me on is a mess, and the data is going to take some time to suss out. Especially since I'm doing all the receptionist stuff too. Even if Ellis Brothers isn't actually supplying Fever Pitch, having a major feature shooting in the city means supplies are stretched relatively thin, so this place is busy.

So far, I've learned that it takes a couple minutes more than I thought to get back and forth between the shop and the train station. It's been a while since I used buses, and the commuter rail is even more limited in terms of times, so miss the five thirty one, and you're waiting until seven. But, who wants to seem anxious to leave on your first day?

The people are pretty nice. I'm awufl with names, so I'm still picking that up, but I think I'll get along. No Dmitris yet, and I don't mean in terms of being some sort of evil mastermind, but just paying more attention to me than I'm necessarily comfortable with. Not that I expect that to happen - I'm not completely vain, but I know the whole one-girl-eight-guys dynamic from the other side. Half of them are single, and you can't help but look.

Hopefully it won't be that big a deal; I don't need more soap opera in my life.

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