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Sunday, September 19, 2004
Kind of a weird weekend. Not in the sense of anything strange happening, but just in terms of completely conventional things being a bit off-kilter.

Like, Friday, I get off work and go out for some drinks and dancing with Doug, go back to his place, et cetera. It was exactly what we'd been planning to do, but after he found out I'd gotten the job it was like "what we'd planned to do" wasn't quite good enough. It's stupid, because what better way is there to celebrate good news than going out and having fun? We people are silly.

But, to make up for it, he took me out to breakfast. Expensive Algerian place, the one right in Harvard Square. Nice effort, but I'm not sure how sophisticated one should try to make breakfast. I'm not sure where the cutoff point is, but I think it's before lamb sausage. Fortunately, Doug was happy to eat mine.

Then work, and now that the next schedule's been posted without me, it's like all the people there who aren't students seem to resent me finding a better job or something. And then when I describe the job after they ask, it's, oh, she must have slept with someone. Nobody actually says that, but you can get the idea from "oh, going from waitress to office manager... I wonder how someone does that!" Well, at least I won't miss the place now.

Today was an off day, so Kate, Jen and I went to see a movie at the film festival during the afternoon. It was a kind of weird chick flick, Duane Incarnate, which basically seemed to revolve around women being catty and lousy friends. It was pretty funny, but it made me super-paranoid about how Kate and Jen talk about me behind my back.

The weird part was tonight, when Doug and I went to dinner with Wei and Jim. I mean, most of the time when my/Martin's friends got married, we just sort of drifted apart, and you'd think that with me not totally being Martin, it would be easier for Wei and Jim to do that, but they're making an effort to keep me in their lives. Weird. Although, already, they're looking at us and saying, so, when are you two going to take your relationship to the next level? And I'm like, not for a while, that I like having my independence and autonomy while I try to figure out just who I am. And, yeah, I know it's been over a year, but there's been so much upheaval during that time...

And everyone made understanding noises, but I could kind of tell that wasn't what they wanted to hear. Married people want the rest of the world married, Doug probably wants something more akin to a normal relationship, and even if he doesn't, well, probably not the best place to air that out.

Ah well. Tired; must sleep.

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