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Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Orson Welles x2, take two
So, exactly how inappropriate is it to say that getting ready to go to the movies with Kate last night was as nerve-wracking as any date with a member of the opposite sex (whatever that happened to be at the time)? It's comical, because the whole point was that there shouldn't be so much tension. I wished Maureen had been home to help me choose my outfit instead of Carter; as clumsy as I am trying to judge whether or not I looked feminine in a non-sexually-threatening way, Carter is just inept.

Although, at least she's trying. I think having Maureen to hang around with instead of just me has made a difference. Carter's not as aware of Maureen as an example, or a specific way to behave. If Maureen says something would look good on Carter, there's less intent than if I say it. Maureen was even able to get Carter to wear nail polish for a day last week, which is something I don't do very often myself; it's just too time consuming and looks silly (especially on the toes).

It was nice to hang out with Kate again. She has caught the anti-Bush bug, although she is a bit confused about my intention to vote Libertarian in the election. I pointed out that the Libertarian candidate will likely have the same primary qualification as John Kerry - that is, he will not be George W. Bush - and he will also have an articulated set of beliefs which won't be full of weasel words to try to please everybody. Sure, voting for a Libertarian or Green party candidate is hopeless in the short term, but enough people do it and folks pay attention to the third party guys in the next election.

I did get her flustered when I asked just what was wrong with Doug in bed, since she's said that's why they broke up. She said there was nothing really wrong, just that she could tell he was something of a breast man (and that's not just her being insecure; the guy does good work there) and she felt like he was trying to do sweeping or something with the silly beard he was wearing at the time. I briefly pondered the idea of Doug growing a beard and said it might not be so bad, but she said to trust her, that it was a very silly thing.

The movies were good, as is to be expected from an Orson Welles double feature. The Third Man is sort of perfect, while Lady From Shanghai isn't bad. We had a good time, especially since we knew that Dennis and Doug would both act interested, and genuinely enjoy the movies, but quietly wonder if there were something else more interesting they could be doing. Especially Sundays and Monday nights, once the NFL gets going. "You're not...?"

"Nope. Violence punctuated by committe meetings."

"Oh thank God. I thought maybe, because of the guy thing... Huh. First time I've brought that up tonight."

"It really shouldn't be a big deal for you; you never met the original Martin unless I'm deliberately repressing a memory of not falling for you immediately. Maggie's the one with the really big issue."

She said she knew, and understood, but it still felt like something should be different now that she knew my wacky history. I said, nope, you've just got to be super-aware of the double entendres, any "if I were in his shoes" sort of statements. Because I can, sometimes, know how a man thinks.

She said that may come in handy; I said it doesn't nearly as often as you'd think. She's not too sure of that, but that's okay. We're at least semi-cool again.

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