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Friday, August 06, 2004
Minor changes
Not that anyone will probably notice them, but all the "Backstory" stuff has been moved from Comcast to Verizon, and there's a new email address. Nice to do a little computer work, although really we're basically talking about trying to do an end-run around Verizon's attempt to "help" you by making everything "user-friendly" when all you want to do is just upload a couple of freakin' files.

Working Friday night is sort of a bummer; Doug works a bunch of hours during the week, so if we go out after he gets out of work on Friday, he's ready, but if I'm working until ten, then he sort of goes home and relaxes, and just doesn't feel like going out after I get finished. Not that I blame him; I remember having dot-com jobs like that.

I applied to a few more jobs today. I seem to do that in bursts, distributing a bunch of resumés and then sort of letting them sit for a week or two. I'm trying to tilt them toward jobs looking for skills with Microsoft Access, since that would likely involve some Visual Basic for Applications work. No VBA on my "Michelle" resumé, but it's the sort of thing that people might believe I've been working on on my own.

The name change thing makes the resumé tricky, though. I can only imagine the HR people checking my references - who are, aside from BioSoft, people I've never met - looking at a piece of paper that says "Martina Hart" and having to remind themselves to ask about "Michelle Garber". I've contemplated quietly using a "Martin Hartle" resumé and telling anyone who asks that I've undergone sex-change surgery. I might even be able to pull it off in another city, but I'd probably run into someone here who worked with Martin at some earlier job, and they'd be like "wow, I never would have thought" and then "hey, I didn't realize SRS actually makes you shorter".

But, you know, this body's five years younger than the Martin Hartle one. I figure I've got some time to work my way back up to where we were at thirty.

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