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Thursday, August 19, 2004
I've learned not to trust good feelings after interviews. After all, if any of the last dozen good feelings had really meant anything, I wouldn't be waiting tables today.

Still, I don't want to be one of those fatalist types who say "well, I just make sure I don't expect anything, and then when something good does happen, it's a pleasant surprise." I mean, that's bullshit. That's the sort of attitude that keeps a girl earning minimum wage plus tips when she's got the experience of a professional with a college degree locked up in her brain. It's the attitude of someone who's given up.

It's also lying to yourself. You say you don't expect anything, but why would you make any sort of effort if you don't think it's going to be of benefit? No, you make the effort because, damn it, you know you can make something work. I interviewed at this school today because not only did they need an office assistant, but the ad mentioned Microsoft Access skills being needed. It's not a "real" database, but it's practice.

I think it went well. If they do decide to hire me, salary negotiation could get ugly, especially if what they want is to pay a receptionist's salary for an IT person, but I've got a good feeling.

My first stop after the interview was the FBI, since it seemed like a shame to waste my good interviewing clothes on just one stop. I've found that dressing nice at least gets me in to see people quickly, even if they don't wind up giving me much useful information.

Me and Agent Jones have been sort of cool to each other since my big coming-out party, and it's not because his invitation got lost. He won't say that it's because I didn't ask permission, because I got all twitchy about how American citizens shouldn't have to ask a government representative's permission to talk with our friends. Yeah, a process that can put the contents of one person's brain into another's is potentially a huge terrorist weapon, but until they get intel that some specific terrorist is looking to infiltrate the country this way, I can't see the value of me shutting up. And even then, it's not like we should be banned from talking about the possibility of sarin gas existing.

Anyway, the Feds haven't found out anything new, or at least anything they're willing to tell a civilian. I suppose if I played the victim card, I might be able to wheedle a little more information out, but I hate the very idea. What Dmitri did was a crime, but I'm a by-product of it, not a victim. The original Martin Hartle and Michelle Garber were the real victims (and, for that matter, so is the original Alexei, but there seems to be little regret there).

One thing he did mention was that Dmitri wasn't talking apparently out of concern that finding his accomplice would lead the police to his "father". Not really new news, which was disappointing.

I also expect the Red Sox to win every spring. But what kind of loser has no ambitions beyond second place?

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