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Sunday, August 01, 2004
It's all about me
Well, hey, it is my blog, so if I want to relate every event that has nothing to do with me to my life, well, I'm going to do that.

It is kind of amazing how there's suddenly a huge push to demonize Nomar. I can't even bring myself to read the sports section in today's paper, because I know there will be something written by Dan Shaughnessey, who is miserable and would probably eat his own children if he thought he could get away with it, and I probably shouldn't feed the Anger.

(Actually, for those who remember the "All Things Scottish" sketch on Saturday Night Live where Patrick Stewart was the Scottish Therapist, it's actually Scottish AAAAAannnnnnnngggggggaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr! Of course, in this body, I may not have Scottish anything.)

Still, it was Maureen who made the comparison. She was watching the game with me today, sort of appalled at how everyone seemed to basically be accusing Nomar of jaking it, when just two days ago it was "whenever Nomar goes out there, you get your money's worth". Like, are we supposed to suddenly hate him now? I mean, we hate GM Theo Epstein now, but that's because of something he did, not how someone is trying to portray him for the same things. She asked if it was like that with me, were people treating me different now? Truth be told, I still haven't heard from Kate or Jen since the party, but on the other hand it was nice to be talking to Wei again. Sort of a mixed blessing, I guess.

Also chatted back and forth with Nat some more; looks like the only time I'll be able to get back off is at the end of the month, just a week before Wei's wedding. Apparently, the plan is just to show up and hit her with it. I'm not sure that's the greatest idea, but I don't have a better one, either. How do arrange such a thing? "Hi, we're going to come by and drop a couple of huge life-changing bombshells on you, and we'd prefer to do it face-to-face. Is Saturday at 1 good for you?"

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