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Saturday, August 07, 2004
Well, at least Doug's got a really nice computer. He's snoring away in the bedroom, which I guess is better than him puking away in just about any other room. I don't know if it's something he ate at dinner, or some virus, or what, but he got really sick during the movie - I mean, bolting out of the auditorium like a bat out of hell. Of course, I had to follow him, because when your date does that, checking to see what's wrong is just good girlfriend (or boyfriend, for that matter) behavior. I almost followed him into the men's room, which is something I haven't done for months, but instead just waited outside.

When he came out, though, he looked pretty miserable, worse than can be explained by getting motion sickness from the really annoying shaky-cam way the action scenes in The Bourne Supremacy are shot (sidenote: just show me what's happening!). I asked if he smelled anything funny, and when he said no, he didn't share my relief that at least no-one was trying to seduce him. So we went home.

Truth be told, I'd kind of like to just split myself - who wants to be stuck in an apartment breathing the same air as a sick person? I was IM-ing with Maggie a few minutes ago, before her boyfriend picked her up to see a midnight movie, and she said it would be really bad form for me to just go home. Men expect women to be less squeamish around illness, and I guess that's true when I give it some thought, but I think I'm still carrying some male attitudes around where germs are concerned.

It's funny, because the caricature of guys as slobs who don't think much about the gross stuff around them doesn't come from nowhere. Once they're actually hit with a bug, though, it's whining time. I was working on a theory that guys don't worry about bugs that are on things, whereas bugs that are in people freak them out, but it's not quite right. Still, I find that my reaction to seeing Doug with watery eyes and a slight green color is not "nurture" but "avoid".

I'm okay with that, though. Just because it's a personality trait normally associated with men doesn't mean I want to eradicate it; it's part of what makes me individual.

Still, even though Doug knows everything, he's still going to be expecting some sort of herbal tea or knowledge of how to make a sick guy feel less miserable tomorrow morning, and I don't know as that would be an opportune time to push "hey, isn't my not necessarily thinking like a girl part of what makes me cool and why you love me?" at all.

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