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Sunday, August 22, 2004
Bleh weekend
You know how I said you eventually get used to working weekends and having days off during the week? You don't, you just get jealous and resentful of all the people coming in on their day off. And bringing their kids. I had to deal with two really obnoxious ones at the same time this afternoon, which is just tons of fun. As much as I always liked kids as Martin, a day like today makes me question Nat's enthusiasm and positive attitude about having one of those little monsters growing in her abdomen.

All the work this weekend left me with little time to spend with Doug or anyone else; I slept at Doug's on Friday night, but that was it. It was kind of a bummer to find out that he had a wedding of his own that he's going to next Saturday. In fact, we kind of argued, a stupid argument, considering everything, but it's the principle of the thing. I'd told him about Wei's wedding, and he apparently hadn't connected it as being the same day as his thing in New Jersey. I was wondering why he never told me, but he said that the groom was one of his closest friends in college, so he had RSVPed way back in February, before he'd even met me. At first, he had sort of suspected that we wouldn't be together long enough for it to be an issue, and then...

Well, there were accusations, that he didn't think of me really as a girlfriend or even a girl, or that I was being stubborn because Wei wasn't really my friend, that in terms of "Martina" she was just the friend of an ex-boyfriend, since I always say that I'm not quite Martin in another body, then I said that he was always trying to oversimplify the circumstances of my life... Well, no relationship's perfect. I must admit it was good to just bury myself in work after leaving his place yesterday.

(Aside - I was checking this page from his computer and saw that the logo didn't appear and the "backstory" links didn't work - is this a Doug's computer thing, a being logged in as me thing, or something else?)

Anyway, bottom of the ninth and if the Sox win this, they're within six games of the Yankees with six head-to-head meetups left. Time to give that my complete attention.
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