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Friday, August 13, 2004
24 Hour Flu
I hate being sick.

Most people do, and I'm not saying I hate it more than most people, but when I get a bug like I had yesterday, I tend to go into panic mode. I almost wish I'd been puking or coughing or something like that, because the symptoms I was actually hit with - dizziness, headaches, fatigue, chills - are worse. I really don't see how those are useful to a disease. I mean, a virus that has evolved to make its host cough or sneeze or give it the runs, that's putting more of the little bastards into circulation. What's the point of making someone fall over?

Also, whenever I get those head-related symptons, I have to wonder if this isn't just the flu, but some new way for some mad scientist to screw with my mind. Most people don't have to worry about mad scientists in their everyday life, but my life is weird. A headache makes me worry that there's some sort of bizarre rejection scenario being acted out, that my physical brain is just now realizing that it's got the wrong personality and memories and wants them out. That turned out not be the case yesterday, and an aspirin or two was able to mostly hold the headache at bay, but how many other people worry about this?

It turned out to be nothing, just a 24-hour bug, but it's disconcerting. I tried to keep the paranoid ravings to a minimum. No need to put these ideas into Carter's or Maureen's heads.


ERRATUM: I made bad use of quotation marks on Wednesday; Maureen actually wrote "even Sam liked it", but I've pretty much trained myself to translate back and forth between "Sam" and "Carter" automatically, and was distracted by the ballgame.
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