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Friday, July 30, 2004
Sitting home on Friday night
It seems wrong. We've more or less reached the point where I can call Doug my boyfriend, so I expect to be doing something. And, yeah, I still have enough of a guy's POV to look at myself in the mirror and think that this girl wearing something skimpy and driving guys nuts would be the natural order of things. Sure, I now know that that's pretty tiring, and expensive if you don't latch onto someone who'll buy your drinks - which, of course, is an especially skanky thing to do if you're seeing someone - but, geez, I feel like stepping out tonight. It doesn't hurt that I'm looking damn good. I'm never going to have a wasp waist - I'm sort of on the curvy side - but I've dropped a couple pounds this month, and they seem to have come off my midriff. A job where I'm on my feet all day, sweating from the heat and humidity before that last storm, and peer pressure from Maureen seem to have had a nifty effect on my waistline.

"Peer pressure" is probably not the right word, but living with her has kind of changed how Carter and I eat. Left on our own, we'll eat a lot of burgers and pizzas and Frosted Flakes (and not those "50% less sugar" frosted flakes... and, by the way, if you want low-sugar frosted flakes, put Equal on your cornflakes). With an actual body-and-soul girl in the house, though, we wind up doing the salad or other low-calorie things, just following her example.

But, anyway, I'm home because Doug's little brother is in town, investigating colleges. He said they were doing guy things tonight, and I smiled as I told him I like guy things, so he amended it to brother things. Whatever that is, especially when you're talking about a 14-year age difference - Doug graduated high school three months before Sean started kindergarten. I gather they're half-brothers, although apparently without the bitterness that sometimes leads to. Or so I'm told; Martin didn't have any siblings and I've never seen any evidence that Michelle has family of any kind.

Speaking of family... Got an email from Nat today, suggesting we head down to Florida to talk to "my" mother before she gets too round to travel. I suppose we really should; after The Party, she's the only really large figure in my life I haven't told, and she really should know about her first grandchild.

I really want to put it off, but Nat's right - she should learn about the whole thing at once, rather than bit by bit. Still, I can't imagine she'll be nearly as understanding of my keeping it in a year as Wei was. Or what she'll think of me - will she see me as any kind of family or not?

But it does have to be done; I'll see about getting some time off work sometime in the next few weeks.

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