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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Ridiculous, overblown metaphor
The place I work at is one of those family-friendly, casual-dining restaurants. Because we as a people seem to be unable to function without some sort of TV screen running, there are a few in the restaurant, including one in the bar. This being Boston (well, actually, Cambridge, but you get the idea), it was tuned to the Red Sox game. Anyway, it's really difficult to be a fan, have this crazy stuff going on in the background, and have to just go about your work without seeming to pay attention to it.

The overblown metaphor part is Carter and I having to do the same thing living with Maureen. Carter got dragged to a movie last night while I was at work, and grumbled about it all day. Total chick flick, he said, and felt like he should be occasionally whispering comments to Maureen about how Ryan Gosling is just dreamy to maintain his "cover", but just couldn't bring himself to do it.

We're getting along, though. Again, it's tremendously helpful to make sure everyone works different shifts, so that you're not all hitting the bathroom and getting testy at the same time. I get a little nervous about Maureen, but she's neither asked weird questions or tried to slit mine and Carter's throats while we sleep. She thinks we should throw a housewarming party, though I'm still not sure just exactly how long we'll be hanging around.

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