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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
It amuses me
We finally got our box of DSL stuff in the mail from Verizon today, after Maureen ordered the service a week and a half ago. I've got to get a wireless network card for this computer so that we can network everything properly, but soon we should be back doing the high-speed internet thing again.

The funny part? It arrived via UPS this afternoon, and Carter was all ready to dig in and start hooking everything up, but Maureen stopped her. Apparently, she said it made more sense to wait until I could spend the afternoon working on it. She says it's got nothing to do with me having been a guy or remembering being a guy or having a guy's personality inside or whatever, just that I used to work in IT, so obviously I'd have a better handle on this.

It's funny, because I remember sucking at actual connections and stuff - the Martin Hartle motto was something along the likes of "hardware is icky" - while Carter has always been really good at it. I can handle audio/video, but when it comes to setting up a computer, and installing drivers, and knowing network protocals and IP shit... Not my thing; I flunked Operating Systems in college and would probably be using a Mac if they weren't so expensive/software-deficient (at least, they were software-deficient when I first started using computers. Now, everything runs Microsoft Office anyway).

Still, Carter seems to think it's because Maureen's treating her like a little girl. I told her about Wei and that it's really not so bad outside of the closet, but apparently being patronized is better than being pitied for Carter.

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