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Saturday, July 10, 2004
In the summertime...
So, this is getting posted from Doug's laptop in the beach house someone in his firm owns. This place isn't quite huge, but it's got four bedrooms, and if you assume two people per, that works out nicely for me, Doug, Kate, Dennis, Jen, Carlos, Carter, and Maureen. Carter and Maureen sort of got invited along because Doug broached the subject while dropping me off after a movie, saw me look over my shoulder at Carter, and mentioned there was another bedroom. So they got invited along.

Fortunately, it was a really nice day out on the Cape, so we spent the day on the beach. Kind of fun; I'm not used to having this much space on a beach. This "private beach" thing is pretty nice if you can get it. Room to set up a volleyball net and still have room for those not playing to lounge out of harm's way.

Swimsuits were kind of an issue. I think I mentioned that I bought a new one a couple weeks ago, but haven't had much chance to use it. Just plain blue, and has a little more coverage than the red polka-dot thing. Still pretty sexy, and I can play volleyball or, you know, swim in it without worrying about popping out. Not that I'd necessarily think that's a big deal - private beach, remember? - but Kate's still a little intimidated by my boobs. Silly, really, since she's got a prettier face than I do, and when you get her in something like a bikini, you see that she's got this freakish 19-year-old girl figure, with a waistline to die for. And without looking skinny, at that. That she has no idea how hot she is only makes her more attractive.

The guys certainly thought so, at least, although they were all in knee-length trunks, and Dennis wore a T-shirt with his. I get it; I remember what it was like to be somewhat on the furry side. You can work out six hours a day to get a Schwarzeneggaresque body and still, the ladies think back hair is gross. Doug doesn't have any, but if it doesn't work out with me, remind me not to be a complete hypocrite by holding it against anyone.

No big deal for Jen, but when Maureen came out with he one-piece, she commented that she felt a little overdressed. We all laughed, but she said she burns easily; not uncommon for redheads like her. Probably the same for "Sam", who's pretty pale and blond "herself". Carter doesn't even own a bathing suit, and looked kind of uncomfortable seeing the rest of us cavort in ours. I got him alone for a few minutes, and he said he wasn't sure what was stranger, the impression the guys made, the impression the girls made, or seeing me enjoying being almost naked, knowing what he knows about me.

I told him not to do anything he wasn't comfortable with - remember, it's your life, so live it how you want. And he did. Doug was amused when Carter tried to claim use of the grill, but everyone was pretty surprised and pleased by this eighteen-year-old girl's barbecue skills. When I was getting a second hamburger, he was actually smiling, twirling his spatula and saying that the fake Carter may have been good with the foofy gourmet cooking, but you want basic southern-style BBQ, there's no substitute for the real thing. Couldn't argue with that.

Then we all sat down for the Sox game. Heck, they think I'm doing Game Chatter on Baseball Primer right now; I alt-tab over there whenever anyone but Carter or Doug looks over my shoulder.

But, that's done now (10:30); so I'd better save it while we put in a movie (hate to waste the house's owners' sound system).

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