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Monday, July 26, 2004
I admit, I've been so wrapped up in me me me over the past week, that I barely did more than say congratulations when Maureen mentioned she'd found a new job that was starting right after she got finished at BioSoft. And by congratulations, I meant "thank god we're not going to be falling behind on the rent". That is, until I found out what the catch was - this girl who's barely old enough to drink got a job that I had applied for, working as an assistant concierge in a downtown hotel!

Granted, I don't envy her starting work in a hotel this week, especially on the concierge staff - you just know that the DNC people are going to be asking for all manner of impossible things, and although it's not Maureen's job to find them, she's doing all the legwork for the rest - she went in at seven this morning, and Carter says she didn't get back until about nine o'clock tonight, at which point she just immediately went in her room and hit the hay without bothering to take off her shoes or close the door. It kind of makes me glad I didn't get the job, seeing her like that.

Of course, that she did is kind of puzzling. It's not like she has a couple years of hospitality industry work on her resumé. Sure, I don't actually know the first thing about the hotel work Michelle did before this was my body, and I suppose it's possible that Shelley earned herself some absolutely terrible references, but geez...

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